November 16, 2017
office meeting

Enjoying your job doesn’t just come down to the actual work you’re doing. The people you work with, the culture, and the people you’re managed by have a big influence on your day-to-day engagement and job satisfaction. In fact, 50% of employees who quit cite their manager as the reason, according to Gallup polls.

We see this as a human problem, but what if it can be tackled in a more technical way? There are plenty of statistics around how artificial intelligence has transformed the way we do business with customers and clients. But how can we use AI to transform the internal structures of the workplace?

That’s what the folks at LiiRN are looking to find out. Their organization takes anonymous employee feedback and uses the data to create healthier and more engaged workplaces.

“It’s not just about collecting feedback,” said George Swisher, founder of LiiRN, at a recent talk in Chicago. He went on to explain that their platform aims to find out what each individual is truly interested in contributing to the company, and has them generate ideas and feedback to get them involved in shaping the organization.

The AI approach allows them to curate the training suggestions based on the data they gather, and then track the impact of the training. It’s not just feedback for feedback’s sake; it’s an ongoing way to measure engagement and satisfaction.

“You can’t make people feel engaged,” said Swisher. “You have to involve them.” That’s why LiiRN also allows employees to see some of the collected data to make the process more transparent.

Since they just launched in March, LiiRN is at the beginning stages of their research, but hopefully their work will begin to show us how AI can positively impact the way companies operate.

Author: Anna Holmquist, Digital Producer at Engage