linkedin recommendations

LinkedIn (LI) Chicago held a networking event with Lynn Bader, the Director of North America Agency Relations, earlier this year in April. She spoke about leveraging your personal brand online and presented best practices for how to put your LI profile page to work to your advantage.

In thinking about applicable work scenarios, it became clear that many of these practices can be used by businesses on LI as a way to market themselves to their network as well as stay relevant among the peers and competitors who connect with them.

Enable the “near me” feature

When actively using the app, you can enable this and connect with people nearby. This could be extremely useful for clients to utilize at conferences where they booth, at networking events, etc. Instead of passing off business cards, they can actively connect with any booth visitors, for example, right then and there. This gives a much more personal touch.

Always send connect requests with personal messages

It makes for a great first impression to always send a note with your connect request unless you’re engaging with the person directly when the request is sent.

This will always give context to the person you’re requesting as to where you met and why you want to connect. If a client had an email signup sheet, for example, they could connect with those people on LI, and their message could provide context for why they were reaching out. Not all occasions may allow for direct connection, but sending a friendly message with your request makes for a more inviting connection and possibly opens the door to future conversation and relationship building.

Engage your network

Lynn noted that 500 connections on LI is notable. In order to reach even more people, you need to engage with your connections. Posting statuses, sharing articles, sharing links to your website and engaging with the posts of your connections all show you are present on LI and paying attention. The more you post and engage, the more visible you become, ultimately leading to a chance of increased connections.

Publish on LI directly

While sharing articles and blogs is great, publishing directly on LI is possible. While it can be daunting to share your own insights, you won’t know until you try. This can be a great way to be considered a thought leader and is a good approach for clients to take. When connections see these things online, although individuals are publishing, they will equate that proactivity with the company the author works for and ultimately that brand. That can lead to a connection or possibly another follower for the business account. It’s important that staff are clear on the guidelines they have to publish since they’ll be seen as an extension of their company. When done right, there is great opportunity to be had.

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